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Meet the Performers


Raymond Rivera

Founder and Director of Lucent Entertainment in 2021, Raymond is a multi-faceted fire performer specializing in fire poi, dragon staff, and fire breathing as well as many other forms of fire art. Raymond is also an accomplished juggler and instructor and with over 9 years of experience is sure to dazzle any audience.

Sarah Gaston

Sarah brings a magic to the company that is unrivaled. Sarah’s skills showcase some of the most unique and awe-inspiring fire art imaginable with custom made tools and a mesmerizing, unique style all of her own. Sarah has over 5 years of experience with fire poi, fire fans and fire palms. She also makes special appearances as our resident mermaiden.

Brian Harnden

Brian is an incredible acrobatic base specializing in adagio, dance acrobatics, partner acrobatics and helped pioneer fire acrobatics. Brian is a multi-year peformer and brings a level of joy to his performance that is contagious. Brian also awes audiences with his dragon staff and fire poi flow.

Chris McNew

With over 10 years of DJ experience, Chris knows how to hype the crowd and keep a dance floor grooving. Chris has performed in countless clubs and parties and has even played shows with big name headliners, like Deadmau5. Chris’s upbeat sets feature a variety of electronic dance genres but with his skills, he can masterfully cater tunes for any audience. Chris delivers boasting sound with his 1,000 watt system set-up that will fill even the largest spaces with clear, rich beats. When Chris is not behind the decks, you can catch him center stage whipping and breathing fire alongside our other fire performers.

Loretta Flores

Loretta may be one of our newest performers but her skills and grace are far from novice. Loretta has been a fire flow artist for over 6 years. Her primary prop is poi along with two years of experience with fans and some fire eating. In addition to flowing with fire, Loretta is also trained in traditional belly dancing. Her hypnotic flow is sure to captivate any audience.

Angelica Sanchez

Angelica has been dancing with hula hoops for over 8 years. She enjoys expressing herself with fire through other props that include poi, fans, fire palms and hoops. In addition to her energetic and graceful flow art skills, Angelica specializes in partner acrobatics both on land and in the sea.

Alexander the Amazing 

Alexander Knapp, a.k.a. Alexander the Amazing is a lifelong performer and an absolutely incredible showman! With an extensive background in Miming, Clowning, and Theater, Alex brings an unforgettable show to every event. A man of many talents, Alex is proficient in Fire, Juggling, Clowning, Miming, Master of Ceremonies, Magic and more! When he's not dazzling people on stage, you will find Alex serving up espresso with his partner Tina at Palace Grounds Cafe in Downtown Hilo!

Tina Holt 

Circus Tina has been dazzling audiences with juggling, hoop manipulation, fire, emceeing, stilt walking, and site-specific performances for over 10 years. She has performed for folks of all ages in settings such as carnivals, circus tents, corporate events, private parties, street shows, theaters and more! Tina is also the co-owner of Palace Grounds Cafe in Downtown Hilo! 

Jeramiah Morgan

Jeramiah is a skilled high line acrobat of over 15 years who has traveled the world high lining in some of the most spectacular places. Jeramiah is also a rigging expert, fire dancer, fire walker and MC.

Kat Reuss

Jack of all performance trades, Kat is our most diverse performer with an extensive resume and over 15 years of performance experience. Kat’s skills include being an incredible singer, aerialist, fire wielding acrobat, juggler, theater actor, stilt walker, choreographer, MC and so much more!

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